Elia Anagrius Stampes





Heading Home

The second project of Futuregames became a platformer with narrative elements. You take the role of the intact head of a trashed robot. Crashed on an unfamiliar planet, it has to find it’s way back home again.

Role: VFX

Duration: 4 weeks

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Bounce Pad

Despite being just a head, the main character is luckily equipped with a bounce pad launcher which allows for fun and quick traversal of the environment. Making it feel good took some trial and error but ultimately went down to the timing and size of the effect.

Magnet Beam

The second tool to traverse the environment is the magnet beam. Aim at any surface and it will attachand attract the player towards it. Some areas of the game requires the player to combine both the magnet and the bounce pad, leading to interesting synergies.

Face Switch Material

Something had to be done about giving the protagonist some emotion. I created a dynamic material with a flipbook texture containing the facial expressions. It could be feeded with corresponding frame numbers to control which face to show. It made the game have a lighthearted feeling, even when falling to your death.


The skybox features large ribbons of aurora. They consist of very large flat mesh cards with an animated material. There’s also some vertex offset going on making them slowly wave. I modeled the meshes in Maya and made the textures Substance Designer.